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Paul Miell is the owner of Ahavah Studio, "Ahavah" is a Hebrew word expressing God’s love for his people. With a life changing encounter with Jesus the focus of the studio is to use profits to help those in need. "Making games of light" our slogan produces an ethos of developing clean positive games and influencing the gaming industry to do the same. The 13-year-old skinny nerdish me wanted to an extent pretty much do the same thing the 49-year-old not so skinny nerdish me wants now, own a games studio and make insanely creative games. My first love for games started in the 70s playing Pong, I then upgraded in the early 80s to a microcomputer the Commodore Vic 20, this opened my mind to the wonderful world of programming. The thing I love most about developing games is the insanely creative process. My love for the retro 2D arcade style still remains.
The Prometheus Secret Screenshot

The Prometheus Secret: Noohra is a 2.5D physics platformer and card boss battler in development by a solo Indie developer over the last 2 years. Set using the alleged Fire Orb of Prometheus, in the temples of multiple powerful ancient civilizations with a story incorporating the battle for your soul between light and darkness.

The physics platform side of the game delivers some unique elements of play. You will find yourself playing the platform stages many times over especially after upgrades, experimenting to find unique ways of moving around the stage and beating the high score. Noohra in the game represents the light within the Fire Orb, every death has consequence of decreasing the brightness of the Noohra and the leaking of your XP. Tokens need to be spotted during stages as the time code to complete the current world, low Noohra means you possibly will miss seeing tokens.

Boss battles are played out through a magic card battle system. Additional cards can be collected on platform stages to strengthen your deck and stay competitive during the battles. The player can collect battle scrolls and use them during battles to enhance their fighting ability.

• Love, passion and attention to detail from a single mind.
• Various ancient worlds incorporating light physics puzzle like challenges.
• Many enjoyable boss fights using the magic card battle system.
• 5 Orb abilities with upgrades.
o Force Push
o Shield
o Shockwave
o Weight
o Noohra
• Feast of lighting and shadow set in an atmospheric 2.5D perspective.
• Token rewards and management system.
• Battle scroll enhancement system for card battles.
• Player experience points and levelling system.
• Unlockable secret boss battles.
• Unlockable treasure caves to gain big coin rewards.
• Wheels Of Fortune mini game to win coins and aid your progress.
• Find secret caverns.
• Feel of a modern take on arcade gameplay.
• Intriguing story releasing the truth to a secret.
The Prometheus Secret Screenshot
The player earns experience points to increase their level and various token rewards after completing stages and card battles. Using the token management system the player can redeem tokens to unlock treasure chests, upgrades, rare cards, secret stages etc. Acquiring of ancient gold coins throughout stages and from treasure chests will be useful in acquiring more tokens to become more powerful faster. Those angry looking apes can be very dangerous, avoid at all costs.
The Prometheus Secret Screenshot
Below the discovery of an hidden cavern inside the Mayan temple, being filled with water the player is introduced to a drastically different physics dynamic of the Orb being affected by the drag of water. The whales you wonder...expect strange and wonderful things on your journey through time with worlds changed by powers only told in legends. Finding secret keys that unlock secret caverns is crucial to obliterate those high score challenges.
The Prometheus Secret Screenshot
The game menu. It is dark, cold and raining, nothing good can come from within the temple. Is the quest for treasure worth your life, your soul?
The Prometheus Secret Screenshot
Creatively crafted stages filled with light and shadows enhanced with Bloom, the use of Depth of Field to remove the overload and focus the player on the puzzle area.
The Prometheus Secret Screenshot
A stage in the Roman world, these stages contain a little more puzzle element than the Mayan stages.
The Prometheus Secret Screenshot
Some of the many ways to rack up that high score, level up your Force Push, Shield and Shockwave to replay earlier stages with your increased power to shatter the high score. Expect to play each stage many times to challenge the physics and find new ways to complete each puzzle.
The Prometheus Secret Screenshot
The magic card game system is an uncomplex mini game within the main game, used specifically for several Boss Battles within each world. The card battles add considerable depth and fun to the game overall. Collect various playing cards on each stage to later strengthen your card deck during these battles.
The Prometheus Secret Screenshot
2 Lanes of attack using 2 attack and 2 defence slots. Unique system of sacrificing cards in the magic pool of Bethesda to gain manna.
The Prometheus Secret Screenshot
Use magic cards to increase the attack and defence of lanes, call down a shower of molten fire or a powerful tornado of destruction upon your opponent.
The Prometheus Secret Screenshot
Losing to the darkness is never a good experience.
The Prometheus Secret Screenshot
Going with the time travel theme in the game players can select a male or female profile character from various time periods in history.
The Prometheus Secret Screenshot
Character profile management with battle scroll enhacement slots. Manage multiple saved games, keep an eye on your statistics and position on the global leader board.
The Prometheus Secret Screenshot
Wheels Of Fortune mini game with a chance to win coins to purchase those precious enhancements.
The Prometheus Secret Screenshot
The Mines Of Kumar, dark gloomy mine shafts concealing many dangers but also providing great reward to those who have faith in the Noohra.
The Prometheus Secret Screenshot
The lack of light in the Mines Of Kumar forms the perfect ground from which the darkness and his minions can launch an attack.
The Prometheus Secret Screenshot
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