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The Prometheus Secret: Noohra


2.5D Physics Platformer and CCG. Contains elements of puzzle, RPG, modernized arcade and fast paced magic card battles.


Ahavah Studio
Developer: Paul Miell
Based in the beautiful winelands of Cape Town, South Africa.
Email: info@ahavahstudio.com




End of 2018


• PC
• Xbox
• PlayStation


$19.99 (Estimated)


• Steam
• Gog
• Humble Bundle
• Itch.io


• English



The Prometheus Secret Screenshot


The Prometheus Secret: Noohra is a unique single player 2.5D physics platformer and addictive fast paced CCG combined. This exciting new game is currently in development by a solo Indie developer over the past two and a half years and is a labor of love, dedicated to all those who are battling through darkness, defeating their demons one day at a time. 

The battle between light and darkness plays a major role in not only in the story but also in the mood and design of the game. Following the trail of an ancient prophecy the player discovers and is led by a fire orb filled with a powerful light known as Noohra. Noohra is a Aramaic word meaning the light of God. Each defeat will have multiple consequences as the player is consumed by darkness and their soul begins to slide down 7 levels along the Path Of Deeper Truths. Level 7 the soul being righteous and full of light down to 0 having no light and the soul being immoral. The darker the soul becomes the more chance the player will have of gaining dark traits that will empower the bosses they challenge. The player loses health and the fire orb loses light which makes it difficult for the player to spot required signs scattered around the world. The players XP leaks every 10 seconds by the amount of lost Noohra and lastly the player loses coins from their purse. Keeping the fire orb filled with Noohra makes it crucial for the player to progress within the game.

The token management system replaces a typical inventory and allows the player to make important decisions to gain as much game advantage by upgrading, trading, unlocking and earning coins. Additional player profile characters can be unlocked from different time periods, each scaling up to provide more base health for the player. 

The physics platform side of the game delivers some unique elements by doing away with the typical jump and physical player control over the fire orb during gameplay. The player instead relies on placement, weight, gravity and timing coupled with the orb's three abilities to maneuver through stages and reaching the portal. The platform stages support the CCG element by allowing the player to achieve tokens, scrolls, health and cards which are needed if the player wants to be competitive during the card boss battles. Players will find replay ability on platform stages after orb ability upgrades as they can then find new and unique ways of moving around the stage and gaining bigger awards. 

Boss battles are played out through the magic card system, the focus is on fast battle and simplicity and there is therefore no complicated management of card decks. Uniquely if the player does not have manna cards dealt in their hand they can decide to sacrifice a playing card in the Pool of Bethesda. This forces the player to tradeoff between having enough manna versus having adequate cards to play. One additional card can be collected on each platform stage to strengthen the deck, although the challenge will be reaching some of them. The player can additionally earn spirit scrolls and strategically string up to 4 scrolls together to enhance their fighting ability during battles. This works similar to the dark traits for the enemy where attack, defense, manna and health are increased by applying various classes of scrolls. 


• Platform - various ancient worlds from different time periods, incorporating elements of physics, platform, RPG and puzzle.
• Boss Battles, fast paced magic card battle system.
• Cards, more than a 100 categorized into 3 classes.
• Orb abilities, each with multiple upgrades.

○ Force Push

○ Shockwave

○ Shield

• Orb properties

○ Noohra (light)

○ Weight

• Path of Corruption (soul status)

○ 7 - Righteous, acting in an upright, moral way; virtuous (full light)

○ 6 - Egotistic, given to talking about oneself; vain; boastful; opinionated

○ 5 - Self-centred, concerned solely or chiefly with one's own interests, welfare, etc.; engrossed in self; selfish; egotistical

○ 4 - Pessimistic, tendency to expect only bad outcomes; gloomy; joyless; unhopeful

○ 3 - Odious, Deserving or causing hatred; hateful; detestable

○ 2 - Belligerent - Warlike; given to waging war

○ 1 - Destructive, tending to destroy; causing destruction or much damage

○ 0 - Immoral, bad, wicked, depraved (no light)

• Dark Traits (your weaknesses will empower bosses)

○ Hopeless

○ Guilt

○ Depressed

○ Anxious

• Spirit Scrolls, 20 scrolls categorized into 3 classes.
• Achievements, 25 achievements to unlock.
• Feast of lighting and shadow set in an atmospheric 2.5D perspective.
• Token Management, 20 tokens to collect, trade and unlock.
• Hero, 3 unlockable male and female sets of heroes.
• Player experience points and levelling system.
• Place of Shadow, unlockable very challenging boss battles.
• Unlockable treasure caves for a chance to earn some big coin rewards.
• Wheels of Fortune mini game to win coins.
• Various hidden caverns.
• Awesome main theme music track composed by Ian Anderson.
The Prometheus Secret Screenshot


Wisdom is better than foolishness, just as light is better than darkness. Humanity although created by light, became a wicked people and rebelled against the light. They loved the darkness more than the light, for their actions were evil and they refused to acknowledge its ways or stay in its paths. Although mankind thought he followed truth he instead followed darkness the deceiver and thief, a path that leads only to death. Some however hope in the ancient prophecy, "The people who walk in darkness will see a great light. For those who live in a land of deep darkness, a light will shine". You are in this world and then gone, whatever you achieve will fade to dust along with your memory left behind to those who love and hate you.

You are a member of a secret priestly order called Goshan, an ancient sect of holy warriors who have sworn an oath to protect mankind from the shadows of evil. A youthful adventurer at heart you decide to seize the opportunity for glory by becoming the hero to save mankind. You have been wondering across earth for many years in pursuit of an ancient myth that tells of a wonderful mystical fire orb of light that gave great knowledge and power to ancient priests that managed to wield it. The myth says the orb was forged by a god to bring fire, knowledge and alchemy to mankind and progress their primitive existence.

Your adventure begins in the year 803 BC, deep inside a thick jungle where you discover a lost Mayan temple dating back to 2200 BC. Reaching the inner most chamber you find it filled with a strange cloud of darkness, a weak light pulsates from a glowing orb of fire on top of Golgotha, the altar of skulls. Could this strange object finally be the orb spoken of, all knowledge and power could soon be in your very grasp. You feel an indescribable bond with the orb, incredible warmth and truth that overwhelms and irresistibly draws you nearer. The light within the fire orb, called Noohra pulsates brighter almost in tune with your now heavy beating heart and becomes almost blinding. The presence of darkness that hangs like a mist in the chamber begins to flee from its brilliance towards every exposed crack in the ancient floor. You hear the scuttles of surrounding creatures sent from the cover of shadow.

You notice what you can only perceive to be a flaming portal, your connection with the orb seems to grow stronger with each passing second and you instinctively sense the orb and the portal are one. It almost seems as though this fire orb wants to guide you somewhere, in fact it will take you on a mystical journey to destroy the lies of darkness and uncover a path of truth that could save not only your life but that of humanity.

The Prometheus Secret Screenshot


Paul Miell is the owner of Ahavah Studio, "Ahavah" is a Hebrew word expressing God’s love for his people. With a life changing encounter with Jesus the focus of the studio is to use profits to help those in need. "Making games of light" our slogan produces an ethos of developing clean positive games and influencing the gaming industry to do the same.

The 13-year-old skinny nerdish me wanted to an extent pretty much do the same thing the 50-year-old not so skinny nerdish me wants now, own a games studio and make insanely creative games. My first love for games started in the 70s playing Pong, I then upgraded in the early 80s to a microcomputer the Commodore Vic 20, this opened my mind to the wonderful world of programming. Veering of course for 25 years in corporate I returned to my first love and original dream. The thing I love most about developing games is the insanely creative process, my love for the retro 2D arcade style still remains and creating modernized twists on this genre is appealing to me.

The Prometheus Secret Screenshot


The Prometheus Secret Screenshot


The Prometheus Secret Screenshot


The Prometheus Secret Screenshot
The Prometheus Secret: Noohra
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